Testimony of a Nomad

My mind holds no more plans, only dreams, because life never goes as planned, but dreams keep me motivated.

My thoughts grow in appreciation of the small gestures, kindheartedness, and generosity of others.

My day-to-day physical belongings fit into one suitcase or backpack and I like it that way.

My heart has learned to love in more ways than I ever thought possible.

My belief in the power of positive thought is unshakeable.

My trust in the good of humankind remains firm.

My soul floats in a pool of gratitude and it’s buoyancy makes even the difficult moments manageable because I know they will teach me resilience, determination and strength.

My desire to give back to a world that has given so much to me overwhelms me.

New Year’s Eve used to be a significant event in my calendar, the date marking the finish line of another year. I would take stock, count up the accomplishments and failures, resolve to do better, and make a list that would define the start of the next day. The trouble was that I rarely consulted that list after writing it and my intentions were often lulled to sleep by the ensuing monotony of my daily routine and general neglect. For years, the pattern was what I felt was one good year followed by a bad year. And it was only a bad year because I allowed a difficult event to define the entire year. I had resigned myself to believing that’s just how things were going to go… as if I had no control of my own destiny.

There was no horrific rock bottom that led to an awakening, just dozens of small paper cuts that kept nagging at my flesh… an overwhelming urge to shake things up like I had never done before… a moment of courage to etch a decision in stone and commit myself to it.  Here it is… the start of a new year, and for the first time in maybe a decade, I don’t feel the need to sum up the entire year and label it. Now, I take notice day by day. I relish the good moments and let the bad ones go. I have seen and experienced more in the past year than possibly any other year of my life, all of it character defining. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for all those who have been there along the way, but I do want to use this post as a testament to your love, kindness, and generosity. Evidence of our ability to change not only our own world but that of other’s in the process.

So, whether you were the one to pick me up off your kitchen floor after I passed out from traveling 20 hours and catching the flu… show me kindness, offer travel tips, share your company with me on the road, or befriend me in a new city, I’m infinitely grateful. Whether you were the one to sit by my hospital bed, put a roof over my head, allow me to couch surf because I no longer have an apartment in the States, or host a dinner to bring family together, you remain fondly in my heart. Whether you were the one to send me an overseas package with my favorite holiday foods at Christmas, show me support, send me messages, or offer encouragement for my current unorthodox lifestyle, I am touched by the sentiment and your thoughtfulness.

In the lyrics of Brandi Carlile, The Story:

All of these lines across my face, tell you the story of who I am

So many stories of where I’ve been

And how I got to where I am

Oh, but these stories don’t mean anything when you’ve got no one to tell them to…

It’s true, I was made for you


3 thoughts on “Testimony of a Nomad

  1. Super dear katie:
    reading your reflection I think, regardless of whether we are nomads or sedentary, what matters is what we look for with our passage through this world. And the way we live is a good indicator of that search.
    Every day there is something to learn from others and certainly all the bad things have something good on it to discover
    Wisdom is in making our “home” is found where we are, “adding” people who pass through our lives.
    You already are part of our lifes and we are grateful to the “destination” / “universe” or whatever have crossed our paths.
    big hug!

    • Couldn’t agree more, Rosana. So happy to have added you to my life as well. Big hug right back to you!! And Happy New Year… I received your email, but am sorry to say that it took me a while to translate because I’ve started to forget my Spanish!!

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